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A fully integrated shipping solution companion to ERP technologies

One-Step, One-Click Shipping Saves You Thousands of Hours Each Year


AIT's SureShip provides a single-point interface for connecting CloudSuite™ Industrial (SyteLine) shipments with UPS, FedEx, USPS and select LTL carriers. SureShip fully integrates with ERP technologies, so you don't have to leave your ERP application to perform shipping transactions. This will save you thousands of hours each year and eliminate the hassle of using multiple, disparate solutions. You'll also eliminate the errors associated with manual data entry.


Written in SyteLine’s native Mongoose™ architecture, SureShip provides complete real-time data integration between SyteLine or other ERP technologies and your shipping carriers.

       Did you know SureShip offers...

  • Ability to process all order types and their shipments through a single screen: customer orders, transfer orders, and service orders

  • Rate shopping and shipments with the following LTL carriers: FedEx Freight, UPS Freight & Old Dominion

  • Compatibility with SyteLine versions SL8.03.11 > CSI10

SureShip at a Glance

  • Direct API integration between SyteLine & shipping carriers

  • Efficient and streamlined user interface for shipping

  • Select LTL integration

  • Rate shopping

  • Freight billing and charge-backs

  • Instant package tracking

  • Written 100% in Infor’s Mongoose platform

  • Deployed on-premise or in the cloud


Watch our demo to learn how SureShip will:

  • Reduce shipping costs

  • Provide better customer service

  • Optimize transactions

  • Improve speed and accuracy of shipping process

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Satisfied Customers


Having AIT's SureShip plugged directly into our ERP application frees up at least one full-time equivalent in our warehouse staff, leaving that time to work on things that really add value to the company. Not only can we rate-shop the best method prior to shipping, but instant visibility of our shipping costs and charges mean we’re on top of things from the start.

Thomas Morton

Vice President & CFO - SV America Holdings (manufacturer of aerospace and high performance auto racing parts and accessories)

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AIT Sure Ship one click shipping solution
CV products using AIT SureShip

"When we first saw your demo on your website we were all looking at each other saying this is how SyteLine should work".

Randy Hirsh

Owner - Dairy Engineering (supplier of sanitary processing equipment and services)


Satisfied Customers

Our Strategic Partnerships Add Value to Your SureShip Solution

Enables us to help our prospects and customers build a relationship with Pitney Bowes and obtain better shipping rates with USPS.

Allows for hundreds of carriers to be accessible in SureShip and SyteLine.

Enables us to pass on to you deep discounts on parcel shipping.


Collagen Matrix Success Story

Collagen Matrix optimizes shipping processes while meeting FDA requirements & compliance standards with SureShip Solution.

Customer Successes-ratings, testimonials, revews

Daman Products Success Story

Industrial Hydraulics Manufacturer, Daman Products, improves shipping experience with AIT’s SureShip

Customer Successes-ratings, testimonials, revews
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