Get those last "10 yards" out of your investment!


Depending on how well you choose your selection, an ERP application will address 85-95% of your requirements. There may be company-specific processes, external processes, third-party product dependencies, etc. Addressing the remaining requirements usually look like this:


  • Change your business to accommodate the new software, and sometimes compromise on vital functions.

  • Keep doing what you’re doing, but on spreadsheets/access/outside apps.

  • Modify your system (sometimes heavily), compromising your ability to get support and/or keeping current with the latest upgrades and functionality.


There is an alternative to these scenarios.


With the combination of our years of experience, as well as the standard application toolset (Mongoose) that comes with the Infor solutions; AIT Business Services has consistently been able to help our customers get to that "last mile," to provide precise and affordable results in a way that maintains the integrity, supportability and longevity of their investment.

Application Personalization / Custom Development