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Business Intelligence & Reporting (Infor BI) integrated business intelligence platform

Infor Business Intelligence & Reporting

A Comprehensive Business Reporting Solution


Infor BI is a set of proven solutions that allow you to make better decisions and improve your business processes by delivering meaningful information and actionable insight to decision makers throughout your organization.



Infor BI lets you get the right information, to the right individuals, at the right time, so decision makers throughout your organization can identify new business opportunities and make more informed decisions. Infor BI is a comprehensive, integrated business intelligence platform that includes financial and operational reporting and analysis, dashboards, planning, budgeting, forecasting, role-based analytics, data mining, and financial consolidation capabilities. Infor BI integrates with applications and data sources of all kinds and is a key component of Infor BI. Infor BI can be used in conjunction with other Infor ION applications, or as a stand-alone solution.



Infor BI solutions streamline and accelerate the processes of gathering, analyzing, reporting, and planning key business information. By enhancing the tools managers use and the information they have, Infor BI simplifies complex choices and gives your company a competitive advantage.

The Infor Solution includes:


Infor Motion and BI Dashboards—Infor Motion and BI Dashboards help you create great individualized dashboards in a web browser or on an iPad. They share the same architecture and are closely integrated with Application Studio content.


Infor BI OLAP Server —An in-memory OLAP database for real-time, planning, modeling and analysis. BI OLAP Server supplies multidimensional data into your modeling process to enhance “what if” scenarios and driver-based planning. It not only improves your business decisions, but also your confidence in those decisions.


Infor BI Application Studio—A web-based front end for data visualization, including reports, analysis, dashboards, and data entry. Users can create planning and reporting interfaces without needing any programming skills.


Infor BI Office Plus—An integrated Microsoft Excel interface that delivers advanced reporting and sophisticated business analysis to improve collaboration and optimize key processes. Without requiring help from IT, you can easily create sophisticated reports, produce custom templates, and adapt standard templates to incorporate design elements, key performance indicators, and more.


Infor Business Analytics—Infor Business Analytics supplies role-based and industry-based reports, dashboards, key performance indicators (KPIs), and analytics for business users across the enterprise. Business Analytics integrates seamlessly with other Infor applications using Infor ION, Infor ION Workspace, and supports integration with Infor ION Business Vault.


Infor BI Planning—Infor BI Planning facilitates configurable financial and operational planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Capable of handling specialized plans that require large multidimensional structures, such as daily, customer, and product-level planning, which can span hundreds or thousands of different items. Infor BI Planning can be managed efficiently and effectively with the OLAP-server for better performance. Infor BI Planning also provides the ability to perform on the-fly-calculations of “what-if” scenarios, aggregations, KPIs, driver-based, and other calculations.


Infor BI Consolidation—Infor BI Consolidation facilitates statutory and management consolidation processes, including closing the books, financial reporting, business combinations, and other processes. Infor BI Consolidation has user-friendly, workflow-based navigation that streamlines entering, validating, reconciling, calculating currency conversions, and consolidating company data.


Infor BI DeltaMiner—Infor BI DeltaMiner includes a built-in library of analytics, statistical information, and mining methods that intuitively guide users through in-depth data analysis.  Infor BI DeltaMiner automates data analysis and views at-a-glance snapshots of business performance to ensure that no relevant information is overlooked.


Infor BI ImportMaster—Create an OLAP model and integrate data from any source via ODBC or file import. With Infor BI ImportMaster, you can connect to virtually any market-leading source system, including Infor LN, Infor Syteline, Infor M3,  and Infor ION, as well as Microsoft and Oracle databases, and SAP systems.


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Business Intelligence & Reporting (Infor BI) integrated business intelligence platform
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Business Intelligence & Reporting (Infor BI) integrated business intelligence platform
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