Infor Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)


The power of Infor Customer and Marketing Management


Customer and Marketing Management provide organizations with a complete view of their customers at every stage in the marketing and sales cycle. Using CRM and Marketing Management solutions together, helps align the sales and marketing departments, leading to better real-time information sharing, shared strategy, and more effective marketing and sales campaigns.

Customer and Marketing Management help build solid, long-term relationships with customers. Organizations gain insight from customer feedback and sales analytics in order to fine-tune messaging and create more focused marketing campaigns. Real-time offer management and campaign management help create a consistent customer experience across all platforms, ensuring greater customer and brand loyalty.


The Infor Customer and Marketing Management advantage


Infor Customer and Marketing Management solutions help you with:

  • Real-time Offer Management—Reach your customers with the right offer and the right time.

  • Social Marketing—Expand the reach and visibility of your content marketing strategy.


  • Campaign Management—Create and execute campaigns in 50% less time.


  • Reporting and Analytics—Visibility into your sales activites, service and support calls and more.


  • Customer Experience Management—Link Infor ERP systems and data to the front-end lead management in Salesforce.


  • Mobility—Superior mobile and tablet support so your users stay productive on the go.


  • Industry-leading Integration—Integrate with front-office and back-office applications, such as ERP, to establish a holistic view of each customer.