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Factory Track- manufacturing process automation solution

Infor Factory Track

Factory Track- manufacturing process automation solution
Reduce Costs, Increase Productivity and Remain Competitive


Infor Factory Track is a comprehensive manufacturing process automation solution that helps manufacturers synchronize their enterprise plans with plant activities; bridging the gap from idea to execution. Built for the Cloud, Infor Factory Track offers flexible deployment options and a lower total cost of ownership. The solution was developed using Infor Mongoose, a rapid application development platform that enables more configurability and ease of enhancements. Infor Factory Track also offers the latest consumer-grade user experience from the shop floor kiosks to handheld barcode scanners.

Infor Factory Track provides a comprehensive solution so manufacturers can increase their operational efficiency and improve visibility across the warehouse and the shop floor. The solution offers three key modules:

  • Warehouse Mobility helps organizations simplify inventory management, automate data collection and eliminate errors and inventory write-offs. This real-time inventory management solution will also help manufacturers gain visibility into their material movements and automate both inbound and outbound logistics.

  • Time Track collects labor time and attendance and provides easy payroll extracts to feed payroll applications. Synchronizing the workforce with manufacturing activities will allow organizations to increase productivity and control labor costs.


  • Shop Floor automates production schedule execution, dispatch operations and work center operations. This solution will also enable paperless shop floor operations to allow greater visibility of the shop floor, increased process control and greater accountability.

From top to bottom, Infor Factory Track supports all the functions of the enterprise and has the capabilities to increase inventory accuracy, reduce inventory carrying costs, reduce overhead, understand the true cost associated with labor, create strategic plans, and increase compliance and traceability. In addition, users can align with lean manufacturing principles by eliminating waste - time and materials - and better optimizing processes.

Manufacturers invest significant time and resources in planning solutions, such as their ERP, to help manage enterprise level business processes like financial management, order processing, and operational planning. However, there is an inherent gap between planning systems and their ability to execute when it comes to automation of shop floor and warehouse business processes. Infor Factory Track not only bridges this gap, but also helps organizations reduce cost, increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage.



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