Ingredients for speed and innovation



AIT understands that the food ingredients industry isn’t like any other industry. We're experts at deploying ERP software that’s been created for your specific needs.


Infor CloudSuite™ Food & Beverage (SyteLine) is the most comprehensive and purpose-built suite of solutions on the market, developed specifically for food and beverage manufacturers like you. Engineered for speed, it can help significantly decrease your time to market, optimize your production and operations planning, and simplify and expedite your regulatory and customer compliance—while lowering overall costs.

It helps food and beverage companies to increase the speed of innovation, so you can introduce new products quickly to meet changing customer tastes and beat competitive pressures. At the same time, it helps you quickly update formulations, specifications, and labels to meet constantly changing regulations. You’ll accelerate your supply chain so you can develop the agility necessary for dealing with fluctuations in raw materials, production, and shipping.


With Infor CloudSuite™ Food & Beverage (SyteLine), you get a foundation for greater agility in dealing with fluctuations in ingredients, production, capacity, and shipping.



Deep, proven industry functionality


With Infor CloudSuite™ Food & Beverage (SyteLine), you get a complete, yet, flexible solution with proven capabilities for common food and beverage challenges and critical processes, including:


  • Forecasting and demand planning, down to hours and minutes.

  • Production planning and scheduling.

  • Tracking and traceability.

  • Integrated quality management.

  • Recipe and least cost formulation.

  • Labeling support for nutritional information, ingredients, and allergens.

  • Timely recall management and insight.



Infor CloudSuite for Food and Beverage (SyteLine)




“With Infor SyteLine, we integrated all of our disparate systems into one application and made it easier for our employees and executives to get the data that they need"

—Brad Harrison, IT Manager,

Better Baked Foods