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Mongoose application development framework

Infor Mongoose

Mongoose application development framework
Take control


Staying competitive in today's business world requires both agility and speed. You can keep up, but what about your software systems? Too often, aging technology platforms and rigid design structures make your systems an obstacle to executing new business strategies, when they should be one of your greatest assets.


Take control with Infor™ Mongoose, an application development framework that lets you easily design and deploy applications that enhance your core enterprise solution. No knowledge of complex source codes or programming languages is required. You'll be able to create enhancements in a fraction of the time and with far less effort than is required with traditional development approaches.


AIT provides world-class training and development services for Infor Mongoose application development framework. No other Infor partner has the experience that we do with this toolset.


Get systems that work the way you want


Your business isn’t frozen in time, so the technology that supports you shouldn't be either. Infor Mongoose provides technology that empowers you, rather than controlling you. You can say good-bye to rigid technology platforms that make even the most minor enhancements costly and complex. With Infor Mongoose, you’ll have the tools to make your systems work the way you want, keeping up with your business as it changes and grows. You’ll be able to:


  • Easily design and deploy applications to enhance your existing software systems.

  • Quickly adapt your system to meet changing business needs.

  • Make application enhancements simple, fast, and inexpensive.

  • Maximize the value of your system investment.

  • Maintain the integrity of enhancements to your hub systems, without making huge investments in development.



Minimize coding, speed development


Infor Mongoose minimizes program coding and maximizes your ability to quickly and cost-effectively adapt systems to meet changing business requirements. To achieve these objectives, the solution uses a metadata model, which allows changes to be kept separate from the base application and makes them automatically upgradeable. You can accelerate development, increase quality, and insulate your applications from underlying technology changes.

You’ll have the ability to:


  • Modify screens—Add new validation and enabling logic, new tabs or fields, and more. You can even embed controls in technologies like HTML 5 or Silverlight.

  • Edit and add business processes—Define rules that execute whenever an insert or update occurs to any business object in the application, or when trigger conditions that you define become true. These actions include events such as updating data, automating processes, and prompting users to approve changes, as well integrating to an external application or simply notifying users of the change. You can accomplish all of this without writing code.

  • Extend any business object—As your business rules and needs change, you can easily adapt your applications by extending Intelligent Data Objects. This dynamic feature allows you to add items like new tables, data fields, or even calculated fields without writing any code.

  • Add completely new functionality—Build new functionality, such as new tables, Intelligent Data Objects, and forms that are required by processes unique to your business, and then automatically deploy the new functionality within your base application.


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