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Differentiate through speed


Today you simply can’t compete without fast, efficient business technology. While most software standardizes your business for efficiency, it often burdens you with unfocused output from multiple, unconnected systems. That lack of focus delays decision making, cuts productivity, and puts you at a competitive disadvantage.


You need highly focused software to solve your specific problems. At the same time, you need the power to pull together all relevant information seamlessly, without having to search, sort, and manipulate that data before you can use it. You get that power with Infor™ ION®.



Be fast and flexible


Infor draws on decades of experience in specific industries to solve the problems that matter most to our customers. Today, those customers face endless demands for greater speed, and a need to cope with larger data volumes and escalating complexity, while containing costs.


That’s why we’ve developed a whole new approach to business software. Infor ION represents a new concept for business software that replaces traditional middleware solutions with a speedy, lightweight connective structure that adds new levels of intelligence and sophistication to existing business technology. It’s faster to implement, easier to use, and more economical to operate than any middleware-only solution. It also adds a powerful, unified combination of contextual business intelligence, common reporting and analysis, streamlined workflow, and business monitoring, all delivered within a single, consistent architecture.


Experts note that Infor ION reflects the profound effect social and mobile consumer technologies have had on enterprise software.


Infor ION embodies that trend by unifying an unparalleled breadth of powerful functions while performing those functions all at once—integration services combine with contextual intelligence, which powers an intelligent, intuitive user interface.



Infor ION

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