Attain operational agility


Infor Life Sciences (SyteLine) is designed to help you increase your company's agility and reduce supply chain risks by boosting demand accuracy, accelerating new product introductions, and strengthening asset performance with solutions built for pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturers.

You'll be able to transform all aspects of your business, ensuring compliance, boosting customer satisfaction, maximizing profitability, and improving competitiveness. Built from more than 25 years of experience solving the business challenges of life sciences companies, this complete value-chain and compliance-oriented solution allows you to provide the lowest total-cost inventory plans to balance stock costs against outage risks. Whether you're running a regional or global operation, you'll assure quality, foster collaboration, and increase new product success rates.


Meet regulatory compliance


Infor Life Sciences (SyteLine) is designed to help you address the unique requirements of the life sciences industry, such as potency, regulatory compliance, traceability, testing, and mixed-mode manufacturing. You'll increase speed to market, optimize production and operations planning, and simplify and expedite regulatory and customer compliance—while lowering your overall costs.



Reliably and quickly address all regulations and reporting requirements. For example, pharmaceutical manufacturers in the US can meet the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Part 11 (21CFR11) electronic-signature certification requirement, as well as the FDA’s electronic-pedigree requirement to track and trace each prior sale, purchase, and trade of a drug. Other countries require similar documentation, so no matter where you’re located, you can manage this automatically.


With Infor Life Sciences (SyteLine), you can:


  • Respond faster to changes in customer demands.

  • Maximize capacity utilization across multiple locations.

  • Reduce stock outages.

  • Efficiently meet regulatory and compliance mandates.

  • Bring new products to market faster.



Infor CloudSuite for Life Sciences (SyteLine)




“With Infor, we’ve reduced complexity and increased throughput, while being able to take advantage of our existing infrastructure investments"

- Matt Ottmer, Vice President of Global Supply Chain, Biogen Idec