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Top 10 Key Elements to a Successful ERP System Deployment-Key Element #1

AIT’s Professional Services Group is responsible for managing the implementation of an ERP deployment, making sure the project is properly resourced and executed. Our role with clients really starts during the sales process where we gather information about the company, its requirements, and the unique problems it is trying to solve. We get an idea of the personality and culture of the company. That gives us a great head start to hit the ground running after a contract is signed. AIT has developed a list of the top 10 keys to successful ERP deployment.

Top 10 Key Elements to a Successful ERP System Deployment

Develop a project mission statement

When starting a project, we encourage clients to develop a project mission statement for everyone to live by. Embracing and embodying the mission statement throughout the implementation and carrying on after helps to ensure that the company remain committed to the success of the project and realize the long-term objectives of the initiative. We recommend posting the statement prominently around your company. Refer back to it throughout the life of the project.

Here are a few examples from some of our clients that helped guide them and set the tone for the entire implementation:

“Our mission is to create a successful implementation by ensuring that we transfer accurate data, train a skilled workforce, and design a system that is efficient and based upon ease of use. We will work effectively to complete all steps in a timely manner adhering to our timelines and milestones.”

“Our mission is to leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology to gain operational efficiencies and seamless integration across all business functions and processes.”

“Our shared corporate goal is to enable and empower departments to manage their resources more effectively by streamlining workflow and removing obstacles.”

Your mission statement doesn’t have to be incredibly lofty. In fact, the more straightforward and realistic it is, the more easily your employees will adopt it.

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