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Top 10 Key Elements to a Successful ERP System Deployment-Key Element #10

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

AIT’s Professional Services Group is responsible for managing the implementation of an ERP deployment, making sure the project is properly resourced and executed. Our role with clients really starts during the sales process where we gather information about the company, its requirements, and the unique problems it is trying to solve. We get an idea of the personality and culture of the company. That gives us a great head start to hit the ground running after a contract is signed. AIT has developed a list of the top 10 keys to successful ERP deployment.

Top 10 Key Elements to a Successful ERP System Deployment

Measure results

At each stage of an implementation, results are compared the objectives. To accomplish this, we define milestones at the onset of the project, which are reviewed periodically during the project life, confirming that they are trending toward project goals. Using the ERP system as intended, and staying focused on achieving greater productivity, we will measure the project and the project team’s proficiency and might suggest retraining where operational readiness is struggling. As part of closing the project, we will evaluate if clients are ready to take their ERP deployments to the next level with additional system capabilities.

We remain onsite with our customers for at least one week during the go-live transition ensuring timely response and support for any issue that surfaces. We also provide support for month-end close and year-end processes to gauge additional comfort with the system and any final changes needed to operating procedures.

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