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Top 10 Key Elements to a Successful ERP System Deployment-Key Element #4

AIT’s Professional Services Group is responsible for managing the implementation of an ERP deployment, making sure the project is properly resourced and executed. Our role with clients really starts during the sales process where we gather information about the company, its requirements, and the unique problems it is trying to solve. We get an idea of the personality and culture of the company. That gives us a great head start to hit the ground running after a contract is signed. AIT has developed a list of the top 10 keys to successful ERP deployment.

Top 10 Key Elements to a Successful ERP System Deployment

Establish methodology, realistic resources and timeline

Before we begin the project, we hold a detailed project planning meeting that may last the better part of a day. Given the timeline, we review the scope realistically. A “go live” date is established, and the schedule is determined based on keeping each of the milestones and the end goal in mind. We ascertain what’s required for training, the appropriate methods of training delivery by audience, and identify needed documentation such as:

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • End User Quick Reference Guides

  • Process and Transactions Flow Charts

We collaboratively decide how many pilot testing phases will be required to ensure a thorough and confident roll out; communicate our project methodology to make certain the core team understands how and why we follow the proven approach; and the importance of adhering to it. Straying from the methodology may result in derailing the project, running over budget, people losing motivation and lost momentum. It is highly advised that our proven methodology be followed with the right resources in the right seats to keep the project on track.

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