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Top 10 Key Elements to a Successful ERP System Deployment-Key Element #9

AIT’s Professional Services Group is responsible for managing the implementation of an ERP deployment, making sure the project is properly resourced and executed. Our role with clients really starts during the sales process where we gather information about the company, its requirements, and the unique problems it is trying to solve. We get an idea of the personality and culture of the company. That gives us a great head start to hit the ground running after a contract is signed. AIT has developed a list of the top 10 keys to successful ERP deployment.

Top 10 Key Elements to a Successful ERP System Deployment

Take steps to ensure things progress as expected

Companywide internal communication/reporting and transparency of issues are essential keys for success. Your issues list should articulate the issue, assign an owner and due date. Throughout the life of the project, we regularly schedule project status & action item meetings that happen more frequently as go-live approaches.

To organize and handle your implementation issues list, we recommend the use of a project and document management portal where everyone on the implementation team can access: schedules, task lists, manage issues, and post shared files. The portal is used to convey requirements, and findings so that everyone has dashboard visibility to the status of all tasks and access to the details of each individual task. The portal also features a help desk system where every issue is assigned a ticket number, and an implementation partner resource. This is where your team can communicate issues with your assigned representative and all issues will be documented and addressed to mutual satisfaction.

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