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The lnfor Product Configurator is a new generation product and sales configurator that is easily integrated with any or all of your web, mobile, enterprise, desktop, or laptop systems. Powerful and intuitive, the Product Configurator has the flexibility to handle any customizable product or service, and support practically any type of user or application.


Product Configurator enables you to:
  • Capture the knowledge of your product experts in easily maintained product models.

  • Publish product models from the central repository to the people and applications.

  • Guide users through selection of the product, features, options, and dimensions.

  • Calculate price, cost, and other information such as performance characteristics or engineering specifications based on the product configuration.

  • Generate a wide range of configuration-specific outputs, including images, models, and documents.


Intuitive User Interface

A dynamic user interface makes the entire configuration experience highly intuitive, productive, and personalized on just about any PC or mobile device. Key features include:

Dynamically-rendered user experience presents the right product view, language, currency, pricing, and UI features based on the combination of: user role, mobile or PC device type, location, and task.

Customizable look and feel makes option selection extremely easy without programming.

APls for custom extensions make it easy to give users a rich experience and leverage existing data and programs.


Key Benefits

Using the Product Configurator, you can:

  • Accelerate key processes such as quoting, order entry, and price book/catalog generation.

  • Increase sales by making every sales person, customer service rep, dealer, and distributor a product expert.

  • Decrease costs by reducing the need for engineering support in sales and other processes.

  • Eliminate errors in product specification and pricing.

  • Enable growth with the ability to quickly train new employees and sales partners.

  • Speed new product introduction by reducing or eliminating the need to distribute product and pricing updates.

  • Streamline production and improve quality by providing accurate configuration-specific information to manufacturing.

  • Differentiate from the competition by becoming "easy to do business with" when dealing with your customized products.


Product Configurator- product and sales configurator for web, mobile, enterprise, desktop or laptop

Infor Product Configurator

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