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Product Lifecycle Management PLM-product data management solution, integrated with Infor ERP's

Infor Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

You can win in the global marketplace when you take control over your product lifecycle management process. Infor PLM Discrete can help. It gives you:


  • Product data management: Ensure data quality by managing the attributes and characteristics of your products.

  • Enterprise content management: Work faster and more efficiently by capturing, sharing, managing, tracking, and storing documents, tasks, and product information in a central data repository.

  • Workflow: Streamline communications within your organization and with external partners to work more efficiently.

  • Lifecycle analysis: Better understand the effect possible change may have on cost, inventory, production schedules, cycle time, and quality before approving a change.

The end result: You develop more innovative products, quality improves, products get to market quicker and sales increase.


Take control of your Product Lifecycle Management process

You manufacture complex products, but that doesn't mean managing the lifecycle of your products needs to be complex and cumbersome. Infor PLM Discrete (PLM8) is a CAD-neutral, best-of-breed product lifecycle management solution integrated with Infor ERP. Infor PLM Discrete streamlines product development and management processes for discrete manufacturers with complex organizations, processes, and supply chains. PLM Discrete increases the effectiveness of product development, management, and production processes.



Infor PLM Discrete Features


  • Seamless integration with Infor ERP Infor PLM Discrete features "out-of-the box" integration with Infor enterprise resource planning solutions, so comprehensive and accurate product information is readily available to everyone in the enterprise who needs it to do their job.


  • Seamless integration with all major CAD solutions - Discrete manufacturers depend on the capabilities of computer-aided design solutions to streamline their new product design processes. But once the design is created in CAD, they also need an efficient way to use that information in the engineering and production of the product. By being CAD-neutral, Infor PLM Discrete eliminates obstacles that can interfere with the efficient use of design information in other business processes.


  • Best-of-breed discrete PLM capabilities - Infor PLM Discrete gives manufacturers the specific capabilities they need to streamline product design, increase the success of new product introductions, and improve overall product performance. The solution features product data management, enterprise content management, and product lifecycle analysis capabilities designed specifically for discrete manufacturing production environments.


With Infor PLM Discrete (PLM8), you get timely, transparent access to the most important product information, so you can:

  • Make more informed decisions, more quickly

  • Shorten cycle times for changes and approvals

  • Minimize scrap and rework

  • Reduce waste and obsolete inventory

  • Improve product quality

  • Collaborate more efficiently across your enterprise

  • Boost productivity and improve agility

  • Receive higher profit margins and increased market share



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