ERP Implementation Project Management

You won't get a lot of chances to get this right!



Maybe just one...

You’re going to implement a new business system and you’ll be looking for big results: cutting operational costs, gains in efficiencies that will allow for growth and expansion. That’s the end-game of course, but getting there typically means a disruption to the organization, expenditures on software, consulting and possibly infrastructure. The truth is, this isn’t painless. You’re going to want to make it count by stacking every card in your deck towards making it as successful, rapid, and efficient as possible.



Most companies selecting a new ERP system focus heavily on the application. That’s important of course, and rest assured that the Infor suite of business applications lead the industry in providing exceptional value, ROI and time-to-benefit. That said, one of the most critical factors in any implementation project is the partner with whom you trust to guide and assist you through the process. You want to know:



  • Are the truly experts in the application?

  • Do they know our business/industry?

  • Will they be prudent caretakers of our time and resources?

  • Are they truly going to act as our advocate, or just another vendor?

  • Can we trust them with our business?

  • Do they have a proven implementation methodology?

  • Can they expect and manage the unexpected?

  • Do they inspire trust and confidence?



At AIT Business Services, we’ve been consistently demonstrating these qualities and principles to our customers for over 2 decades. You’re likely to get just one chance to get this right. We’ll be there to help you do just that.