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high-tech companies, electronics

Infor CloudSuite for

Tech / Electronics (SyteLine)




“The lightweight, easy to install and configure Infor ION produced a quick return on investment; ION ensures that our applications operate together seamlessly to execute business processes"

John Vaughan, Senior Vice President and CIO, PRIDE Industries




Use built-in industry expertise


Profitably and efficiently meeting the highly variable demands of computer, telecommunications, industrial equipment, automotive, aerospace and defense, and medical device manufacturers is the biggest challenge for electronics manufacturing services (EMS) companies (also known as contract manufacturing and services companies).


You can’t meet the unique demands of the EMS industry with generic software that treats all industries equally. At Infor, we understand that the EMS industry isn’t like all other industries. So, we've created a solution suite that’s tailored to the specific needs of EMS companies like yours.


Infor High Tech for electronics manufacturing services includes all the capabilities to manage the EMS processes built-in—not bolted on. So what does that mean for you? Faster deployments and fewer modifications. You get up and running more quickly, with fewer disruptions to your business. Upgrades are faster, too. So you can quickly adapt your business processes to the rapid changes of the EMS industry.

With Infor for technology and electronics manufacturing services, you can:
  • Increase productivity, and shorten product development and introduction times.

  • Improve procurement and control of the supply chain.

  • Improve forecasting, manufacturing planning, and scheduling, while reducing inventory and operating costs.

  • Generate additional revenue from expanded value-added services.

  • Respond faster to changes in customer demand.

  • Meet OEM requirements for on-time delivery and performance, quality, and the supply chain.

  • Better meet the quality and supply chain mandates of OEMs.

  • Increase uptime and lower operating costs by better maintaining production equipment and customer tools.



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