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ERP Data Migration and Conversion

Data is business

From accounting-codes to planning-parameters, each individual ‘code’ determines something about how the business will operate, about what people do, and how they do it. Helping our customers see the relationship between the business operations and data functionality has a huge impact on the project and the organization as a whole.


The effort involved in data migration/conversion/setup can vary dramatically. How do we get there without wasting resources in a game of hit-and-miss?


  • Having a thorough understanding of your as-is business process, as well as where you are going

  • Providing our customers a deep understanding of the application through training and education

  • Thorough piloting and modeling of the migration to identify gaps and opportunities for correction

  • Having the requisite technical skills to accomplish the logistics of migration


This holistic and thoughtful approach to the process helps us keep our data migration efforts both lean and highly effective.

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