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AIT Business Services Announces Successful SureShip Implementation for Daman Products

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Industrial Hydraulics Manufacturer Improves Shipping Experience with AIT’s SureShip

San Francisco, CA: AIT Business Services has announced a successful SureShip implementation and go-live for their customer, Daman Products. Based in Mishawaka, IN, Daman is a hydraulics manufacturer that was looking to upgrade their current shipping software.

After looking at a few different vendors and shipping solutions, Daman felt that AIT offered the greatest level of support and flexibility. Ultimately, they decided to go with AIT’s SureShip solution for Infor SyteLine because it fit all of their unique shipping needs.

Daman had multiple customizations added to their older software, which gave them the ability to create shipments, labels, and shipping documentation together in one system. Because SureShip is part of the application, they could also access their shipment tracking instantly, without having to leave SyteLine. While replicating these customizations seemed challenging at first, AIT’s solution covered every need right out of the box and they were able to meet Daman’s specific requirements.

Hands-on communication and software expertise are just a few of the benefits customers get when working with AIT on an implementation. Each customer receives support focused on their business-specific needs. For Daman, the main enhancements included customized labels, customized shipping documentation, and a broker select option on the console.

“The biggest improvement for us was having software that has real support behind it. The team at AIT is incredibly easy to communicate with and offers a high level of expertise. This is something that was missing from our previous shipping software solutions. In turn, our shipping process is quicker and more organized than ever.” - Jared Myers, IT Manager at Daman

Daman Products is primarily engaged in the design and manufacture of hydraulic valve manifolds and related products. Founded by Mishawaka native Jack D. Davis, the company continues to thrive on the principles he set forth 40 years ago. In addition to remaining at the forefront of the industry by investing in new technology and new machinery, the focus remains on Daman’s valued employees and customers.

If your shipping software could use a revamp, AIT can help take it to the next level with our SureShip solution.

Learn more about Daman Products here:

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