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The Value of Real-Time Information

One of the difficult things about using the technology of the past is that the reporting is archaic. Imagine looking at figures showing what has happened in the past. What if the figures appear to be incorrect, and the controller remembers that a couple of customer accounts were not updated prior to month end? The entire report is thrown off.

One of the amazing things that we can provide to our clients is real-time information rather than yesterday’s data! Imagine that the Customer Service Rep actually had the information at their fingertips, showing the “up-to-date” information that is needed to quickly and accurately work with the customer. At the moment of truth – the moment of the sale, they have all of the information that typically is reserved for upper level management, to make an informed decision.

If the gauge shows that the customer is in the green, it’s a simple “yes” to move forward. Everyone is a winner.

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