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Connect the Top Floor to the Shop Floor

executive reviewing statistics for shop floor while out in the warehouse

As we tour various plants throughout North America, we discover that unless executives are continually running to the shop-floor – they have difficulty keeping the current pulse of the shop-floor. Customers are demanding real-time updates while vendors continue to update order and shipment status’.

Executives must have all of this information up-to-date, allowing for immediate decisions to be made. The business will run smoothly when each resource is fully informed of the portion of the business that touches his or her area of responsibility. Customers, investors and frankly, each individual needs to be informed – to make quality decisions at the precise moment when the decision needs to be made. We like to call this “The Moment of Truth” – when your people efficiently and effectively produce products without several one-off questions, that force inefficiency into the process.

Infor (World’s 3rd Largest ERP provider) has a multitude of methods, to not only bridge this gap, but more importantly, provide the reach necessary, so that Executive Dashboards are providing Real-Time information.

Check out our website testimonials to see what our customers are saying. And feel free to reach out with questions/comments/requests for further information. We’re here and happy to help!


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