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Introducing Ming.le! Technology that increases user ease

Why is it that we can get onto our home PC, Tablet or Smartphone, and we can immediately use Facebook, Twitter and Google. But when we come to work, we have to be trained on how to use the technology?

Introducing Ming.le, which is designed on the same premise as Social Networks that are used regularly at home.

Picture this: Imagine sitting at your workstation and immediately bringing up Alerts, Tasks and Company Posts that are unique to your job, providing all of the information that you need to intelligently resolve a problem. With this information right at each employees fingertips, and presented graphically in an intuitive format; they will be provided with the exact information required to resolve an issue. This is the same information that the Executives would use, if you were to go to them to asking how to help resolve that same problem.

This technology allows the user to drill directly into the application; and then come back out to ensure seamless usability.

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